General Affairs and Planning Committee

Chairperson: Takashi Manda
The General Affairs and Planning Committee support various events such as the annual meeting. The committee also supports members in their enterprises and assists in the management of different ADAN activities.

Editorial Committee of “ADAN Journal”

Chairperson: Shunsuke Kurakata
The Editorial Committee are in charge of publishing the association’s journal “Architectural Design”. The journal, published twice a year, aims to explore the prospects of architectural design by providing perspectives from various generations, regions, and genres.

ADAN Prize Committee

Chairperson: Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama
This committee organises and presents the biannual ADAN Prize to acknowledge, encourage and energize younger architects. Selected projects are collated into an exhibition, and the Award is decided through open screening. The winning projects are published together in book form.

Publishing Committee of “Architectural Design Editions”

Chairperson: Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama
The Publishing Committee of “Architectural Design Editions” will issue a series of monograph editions that look to the future of architectural design and inspire imagination.

Study Committee on Designer Selection Methodology

Chairperson: Shuhei Endo
The Study Committee of Designer Selection Methodology discusses and explores appropriate selection methodologies for the future, promoting equal opportunities for the younger generation. We assess the selection and reviewing procedures of architectural competitions, and publish our opinions and reviews.

Project 3A Committee

Chairperson: Lee Young il
Project 3A, which stands for Architects Academy Asia, is an initiative for an educational institution specializing in Architectural design. The committee seeks to assemble talented students and aspiring architects from across Asia.

Support Committee on Architectural Rookie’s Award

Chairperson: Isamu Nakamura
The Architectural Rookie’s Award, or SHINJINSEN, is an award for studio projects by Architecture students up to and including their third year. It is an opportunity for the committee to discover and support young talent, with the aim of contributing to the development of architectural education.

Support Committee, Asian Architectural Rookie’s Award

Chairperson: Lee Young Il
The Support Committee for the Asian Architectural Rookie’s Award assesses and reviews the distinguished projects from Architectural rookie’s awards in other Asian countries.
Its aim is to improve the overall quality of Architecture in Asia, increasing mobility across countries and vitalising the built environment.

Committee of “Concept Match for Master’s Design Project”

Chairperson: Motomu Uno
Aiming to improve the design education at graduate schools, the remit of this committee is to facilitate and provide occasions of interaction and discussion for students and teaching staff across various universities.

Editorial Committee of ADAN Journal of Papers

Chairperson: Shingo Suekane
The Editorial Committee of ADAN Journal of Papers handles the publication of the official academic journals. We invite the public to submit peer reviewed research papers and reports to be collated and published in the ADAN Journal of Papers.

Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee

Chairperson: Akira Matsumoto
The Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee aims to associate Architectural design education at universities with practical research and development in industry and in the public sector. We share insights into the future of architecture, natural environments and urban policies to accomplish the following:
Collecting information on Architectural education and the profession in Asia and Europe. (In cooperation with the Project 3A)
Achieving collaboration between Industry-Government-Academia in the community
Nurturing and encouraging the advancement of the Architectural profession

Public Relations Committee

Chairperson: Kentaro Takeguchi
The Public Relations Committee uses the website to connect with the public and communicate our views from various perspectives. We also discuss and publicise through paper media and other forms of new media to encourage dialogue.